The Arbaeen Ziyarah is one of the greatest manifestations of love towards Prophet Muhammad and his holy family. Starting next week, millions from across the globe, will embark on a march on ‘the highway to heaven.’  They will be headed to Karbala, Iraq to pay their respects to Master of Martyrs, Aba-Abdallah al-Husayn.

There are numerous benefits the zair (traveller) can attain from undertaking this act of devotion and worship. Some of these include: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, economical or political. However, to ensure maximal benefit, each traveller must prepare spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physical etc.

At Taqwa Media, we have compiled a list of resources to help each individual and family prepare. Whether this is your first time, or if you have been before, we hope you will find this resource list helpful. Please note, this is not an exhaustive compilation. Also, if you have found other resources helpful in your own search, please feel free to email us your resources at (

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Labbayk Ya Hussayn!


Resource List:




Arbaeen: The Walk 

A Salute to Master of Martyrs

From Medina to Karbala: In the Words of Imam al-Husayn

Kamil Ziyaret




Philosophy of Ziyarat by Shaykh, Dr. Murtaza Allidina

Iraq Guide

A Short Treatise on the Ziarah


You Tube:


Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hilli:

Night 9 :Arbaeen Walk: The Power Of Love supplements the book Arbaeen: The Walk


Sheikh Dr Murtaza Alidina:

Watch this youtube with the attached pdf titled Philosophy of Ziyarat.







We are approaching that time of the year again, alhamdullillah! This year almost half of Shahr Ramadan will be during the school year for many students, why not use the opportunity to #educate your children’s teachers and peers about #ramadan? Share our Ramadan Fact Sheet today!
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Click here to download a PDF of the Ramadan Fact Sheet.



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