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At Taqwa Media, our mission is to share the message of God-consciousness (taqwa)…one family at a time. To cultivate the love of reading and learning, we have developed the Taqwa Media Book Fair Program. Whether you are a full time or weekend school, we have created easy access for a wide range edutaining Islamic material (e.g, books, puzzles, games, DVD’s) for students, teachers and parents.

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1. Pick a date to host a Book Fair!

2. Your school/madressa orders various products from our website.

3. We ship all the products to you.

4. You host a book fair. Most book fairs are successful when they are hosted in conjunction with other events (e.g.: parent-teacher conference, back-to-school night, family night, etc.).

5. Once the fair is over, any unsold products can be returned to us or purchased by your organization.

6. Based on the sales, you will earn Taqwa Media Dollars. Taqwa Media Dollars can be redeemed for resources for your class room, stocking your library, gifts for students/teachers etc. See the chart below for the earnings schedule.

7. Want to earn more Taqwa Media Dollars? Order a few titles for parents and host a book fair for the entire family!

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1. We will provide your school/madressa with a personalized shopping code.

2. Share this code with parents and students for a limited period of time (we recommend 3 – 4 weeks).

3. Parents and students simply go online and shop at and enter the code at checkout.

4. We will track your orders, and your school/madressa will earn 15% (in Taqwa Media Dollars) of the total sales (excluding shipping). Note: It is very important for parents and students to use the shopping code we provide, since this is the only way we can track sales

5. All orders will be delivered right to their doorstep.

6. Want to earn more Taqwa Media Dollars for your school/madressa? Share the code with as many people as you like, including your local community!

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We are looking forward to hearing from you and are excited to work with your community. We will support you with marketing materials to help you succeed.

Contact us today by phone, email or text.

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“We had a very successful Islamic Book Fair, alhamdulillah. Our entire community participated enthusiastically and requested this to be a recurring event. It seemed like there was always a demand for this, and now alhamdulillah it was met. I would highly recommend Taqwa Media to anyone trying to add books to their personal library or arranging a book fair for their community.”

-Fatima Naqvi, JAOCT Middlefield, CT

“IEC Academy held its first Taqwa Media book fair last spring, and, my, was it a success! Sister Sajida made the process very simple and provided all of the necessary resources to facilitate the event. I received a one-hour virtual training that covered product knowledge, marketing, and event planning as well as the ordering process. All of the materials arrived a few days in advance, which gave me ample time to prepare. The actual book fair itself was so well received by parents, children, and madressah teachers that we were able to generate enough sales to receive the highest percentage kickback for the school! That was certainly a bonus above and beyond being able to provide a variety of quality educational and fun Islamic literature to kids and adults of all ages. I have already started recommending Taqwa Media to community groups and fellow parents after the great experience I had.”

-Zainab Walli, IEC Academy Orlando, FL

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Host a Taqwa Media Book Fair...

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