Unveiling Al-Kafi Book I

Unveiling of “Al-Kafi Book 1” for the first time on Sunday, March 31st at the “Prophet Mohammad (s) Day; A Model for Coexistence” at Rutgers University, New Jersey organized by Muslims for Peace, Inc.

Attendees of this event had the opportunity to purchase this exemplary publication before it hit our website on April 15th.

Featured Publications

  • Noor Kids Faith Over Fear

    Noor Kids Faith Over Fear

    Author: Amin Aaser and Sana Aaser

    In the first story, Alpine Alps Adventure! Amin goes on a ski trip and is pressured by Zain to take on a dangerous ski slope, called the Black Hole. Amin shows true courage by standing up to what he believes.
    In the second story, Spooky Spider, Shireen learns that putting your trust in Allah (SWT) is an important part of courage for a Muslim.

  • Owl & Cat Islam Is

    Owl & Cat Islam Is

    Author: Emma Apple

    Join Owl & Cat and learn, in a light hearted and humorous way, about the lives and beliefs of Muslims, who make up a quarter of all the people in the world!