Rap on Imam Hussain by Jae Deen

I dedicate this one to Hussain

Who stood up for truth and justice and its known till this day

He’s the prophet’s grandson, one of 5 ahlul bayt

If they ask about this man and who he was,

Then Imma say,

Imma say,

Hussain was the peace

Hussain was the truth

Hussain was a martyr who stood on his feet

It was him and a few

Who were slaughtered and killed by the tyrant Yazid

At the hand of his troops

30,000 men against Hussain and his family

They were 72

If only you knew

Karbala lives on forever

A sacrifice always remembered

The greatest jihad is the one who speaks out the injustice in front of oppressors

From his life is a lesson of sacrifice

See the injustice in Palestine?

Will you be silent and obey the tyrant or will you stand up for what is right?

And that’s what Hussain did

Cuz he was the bravest,

He wouldn’t sell out on his message

He suffered for 3 days with no food or water

Today that reminds me of Yemen

He moved forward

Didn’t step back

As an end result got his neck slashed

This was a man who Muhammad loved
How can we forget that?

Ignorant folks wont accept facts

But accept this

Hussain’s story is like white supremacist, police brutality against blacks

Sunni or shia aside

Why do we always divide?

We should let go of our pride

This is our history right?

Even the prophet was told that Hussain will be killed,


And that’s why he cried

And that’s why we cry

In the month of Muharram,

Remember their lives

Keep the story alive

Forever we pray that the legacy lives

And we live by the 5

Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hussain

That’s the Ahlul-Kisa

So I’ll end with the hadith, which the prophet used to say

And that is that Allah loves the one who loves Hussain

I’ll end with the hadith that the prophet used to say

Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain

This is what the prophet said,

We shall love to his name

In our hearts forever

For Sayyid Ash Shabab ahlul Jannah

Ya Hussain!

February 25, 2020 by Sajida Bandali