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A Devotional Elegy for Prophet Muhammad and His Family | Translation and Commentary By: Islamic Texts Institute (ITI), under the direction of Shaykh Rizwan Arastu | ISBN: 9781615843329 | Paperback [With Audio CD]

Al-Nudbah is a mournful tribute to God’s prophets in general and to his final prophet in particular. It is a devotee’s lamentation for the beloved Mahdi (the Messiah) from whom circumstances have forced a long and hard separation. It is also a comprehensive affirmation of Islam’s fundamental beliefs. This book represents thousands of hours of work and the efforts of multiple individuals. It is not merely a translation of al-Nudbah. The ITI team has researched every word, every grammatical structure and every literary device. In writing this translation and commentary, the ITI team has availed themselves of other existing commentaries on this same supplication. However, much of the work is the result of original research written specifically for the western audience. In doing so, ITI has attempted to address the concerns of this audience through language and arguments suited to western culture, intelligence and mindset. This book includes a CD with Arabic and English recitations.