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Great Prophets & Ahl-Kisa Board Book Set



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Publisher: Kisa Kids | Board Books 

This heartwarming set of 9 board books features stories about our greatest role models - the Prophets of great determination (ʿUlul Aẓm) and the people of the cloak (Ahl al-Kisāʾ)! Your toddlers will love gazing at the vibrant illustrations as they are introduced to the best of creations. Titles included in this set are: The Builder of the Ka'bah, Prophet Nuh (A) and the Ark, Prophet Musa (A) and the Basket, The Talking Baby, The Best Baba in the Whole World, The Secret Jar, Pray for Others, Playing Tag, and Imam Husain's (A) New Friends.  Ages 0-4