Hijab and Basketball


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Hijab and Basketball

Publisher: Gentle Breeze Books | Author: Umm Nura | ISBN: 978-0986720826 | Paperback

This story follows Amina, an aspiring basketball athlete, who moves to a new school. At first, Amina makes friends, but when Amina is teased about her head-scarf, her friends sway in their loyalty. Encouraged by a sympathetic mother, she learns the story of Nusaybah bint Ka’ab, a courageous woman who is remembered for her bravery in the face of religious persecution.

Then, in an important basketball tournament Amina is asked to take off her head-scarf or she can’t play in the game. Will she take it off in the heat of the moment?

Inspired by a true experience, this story is an excellent starting point for discussions on cultural differences, the subtleties of girl-on-girl bullying and respect for the beliefs of others.