Lessons on Knowing the Qur'an


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Read by millions of Muslims every day and studied by scholars throughout history, the Qur'an still needs to be reintroduced to most of us as we remain heedless of its reality. The Qur'an is indeed not just a book but rather has its origin and ongoing connection with the world of closeness ('alam al-'indiyyah) to Allah (swt). 

This work discusses some common themes studied in the Qur'anic sciences but the main aim is to know more about the Qur'an itself. Verses of the Qur'an, ahadith (traditions), and sayings of scholars are brought together to help us better appreciate the Qur'an and better relate to it. Some of the subjects discussed include the relation between Allah (swt) and the Qur'an, the reality of the Qur'an, the two faces of the Qur'an, the proper meaning of descent (nuzul) been extended from heaven to us, the freshness of the Qur'an, the Qur'an being an ongoing source of light, the Qur'an, being a channel of guidance and a healing medicine and the concept of "carrying the Qur'an" (haml al-Qur'an). 

A video playlist of lectures to complement this title can be accessed here

By: Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali | Paperbound | ISBN: 9781838077907