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Morals of the Masumeen

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Author: Arifa Hudda | ISBN: 9780980948776 | Paperback

In this fast-paced world, we get so caught up with the negative influences from the television, Internet, movies, video games and other forms of “entertainment” - that we often forget our Islamic identity. We want to imitate those who we see on TV or the characters in our games, forgetting that we may also pick up their not so good qualities. However for us to mould our character to be in line with what Allah wants from us, we need to follow the 14 pure guides that He sent for humanity - the Ma’sumeen. This book contains one short story from each of their lives and various activities to help us learn more about the greatest role-models for all of mankind - Prophet Muhammad and his noble family (peace be upon them all). (Ages 4-8 years)