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Noor Kids Forgive and Forget


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Publisher: Noor Kids: A Light for Little Muslims | ISBN: 9780998877624 | SKU: 77624 | Paperbound | $7.95

Everyone makes mistakes. This is why Islam teaches the importance of forgiveness, and we are repeatedly reminded that Allah (SWT) is the Most Forgiving and Merciful. In this book, we seek to (a) explain why we should forgive others, and (b) help children learn what steps they should take when they are in need of forgiveness.

In our first story, “Forgive and Be Forgiven,” Amin realizes that when someone wrongs him, he shouldn’t retaliate. It is hard, but important, to be gracious and generous with others, especially when they make an unintended mistake or are remorseful, just as we hope that they will deal gently with us when we make a mistake. Further, how we treat others determines how God will treat us.