Noor Kids Go to Hajj

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Noor Kids: A Light for Little Muslims | Authors: Amin and Mohammad Aaser | ISBN: 9780984707300 | Paperback

Noor Kids go to Hajj! introduces Hajj to children by focusing on the rationale associated with two components of Hajj, Tawaaf and Sa’iee. In the first story, In Allah’s Orbit, Asad draws a parallel between the planets rotating around the sun with pilgrims doing Tawaaf around the Kaa’ba – internalizing a belief that Allah (SWT) is the center of our lives. In the second story, Lost & Found, Amira learns about the power of prayer as she asks for Allah (SWT) for help when she is lost – taking a page from the story of Lady Hajar and Baby Ismail in Mecca.

This book also features an Islamic Invention, a spotlight on the Cave of Hira, a recipe from Chef Yvonne from MyHalalKitchen & much more! (Ages 3-8)