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Noor Kids Happily Ever Hereafter


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Publisher: Noor Kids: A Light for Little Muslims | ISBN: 9780998877655 | SKU: 77655 | Paperbound | $7.95

Nobody can live forever. Allah (SWT) created us and gives us life, and Allah will decide when to end our lives and take us back to Him (2:156). Naturally, we might fear the time when loved ones will pass away, and we also might worry about when our own time will come. But our faith tells us about death and teaches us what we must do to prepare for the hereafter. In this book, we teach two key lessons. 

In the first story, “Life Goes On,” Amira’s parents explain that they can’t and won’t always be with her, but that Allah (SWT) always is and will always continue to take care of her. Not only that, a person’s life doesn’t stop with death; rather, it is a transition from one world to another.