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The BFF Sisters: Jennah's New Friends


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Author: Suzy Ismail | ISBN: 9781590080054 | Paperback

The story is narrated in the voice of Jennah, a strong-willed sixth grader struggling to control her hot-temper. Jennah's jealousy flares when her best friend, Yesmeen, begins spending more time with Mariam, the new girl in town. Fearing that she might lose her closest friend, Jennah suggests beginning a hadeeth club that models the halaqas or knowledge circles that she sees older women in the community involved in. The girls agree to take turns researching a different hadeeth each month and then gather together to discuss it. As the story unfolds, Jennah learns how to get a better handle on her temper and her friends help her come to terms with their growing circle. Soon, Jennah is able to learn how to deal with the troubles of having an active younger sister, a new baby brother on the way, and a dad who travels often for work--- all with the help of her new friends.  (Ages 8 - 12)