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The Holy Qur’an

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Text, Translation and Commentary | Translation By: S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali and Ayatullah Agha H.M.M. Pooya Yazdi | ISBN: 9780940368545 | Flexible cover encased in a cardboard box

The Holy Qur’an is the divine revelation that descended upon Prophet Muhammad through Arch-Angel Gabriel over the course of approximately twenty-three years. This comprehensive publication provides a complete English translation and commentary. The easy-to-read commentary uses historical narrations and traditions to facilitate understanding of each chapter, which is unique to this edition. In the preface, S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali provides an explanation of the Qur’an, the Holy Prophet and his family. The preface concludes with a detailed translation of one of the most revered supplications, the Supplication of Kumayl (Dua Kumayl). This elegantly packaged edition includes a ribbon marker and is fully indexed.